How to take a proper care of your diamond jewelry? How to keep your Diamond engagement ring as safe and sparkly as possible? Consider these 5 pro tips!

After you’ve bought or received the perfect diamond ring or necklace, one of the things on your top priority list should be a proper engagement ring care.

You have probably spent a few days if not months to find the perfect diamond engagement ring and now it is a permanent fixture on your hand, you will want to make sure it stays as sparkly and shiny for years to come.

Diamond jewelry is meant to last a lifetime, meaning it really pays off if you give your new piece of jewelry the best treatment possible.

Here are a few professional tips that will help you take care of your diamond jewelry:

  • Hand washing is a must, especially in public restrooms, however, please resist the temptation to remove your diamond ring before washing out your hands. The possibility that you might forget your new ring, is a huge risk to take. You can wash your ring with water, but avoid chemicals and substances that could damage the ring.
  • Diamonds and other precious stones are magnets for dirt, dust, and body oil. When you take off your ring, you need to try and grab the band on either side of the ring instead of grabbing the stone. If you notice that your diamond ring or earring look cloudy or hazy, it is possible something is stuck under it and you should clean it properly.
  • Cleaning your diamond jewelry with random cleaners is not something that is recommended by jewelry experts. Our advice is to take your diamond ring, necklace or bracelet to an expert jeweler and get it properly steamed clean. The experts at Brilliant Earth can help you clean your precious diamonds and teach you a few tips and tricks on how to properly clean the jewelry by yourself.
  • During all hand-heavy activities, you should take off your ring or bracelet, for example, when cleaning the dishes, when gardening, when moving furniture, when exercising, and etc.
  • It is very important to schedule cleaning appointments with your jeweler at least once a year and make sure the diamond is not loose, the prongs are tight, and there are no hairline cracks. An yearly maintenance and proper cleaning are very important.

If you are having troubles cleaning your diamonds, get in touch with the professional jewelers at Brilliant Earth and they will help you clean your jewelry. And who knows, you can maybe even check a new piece of jewelry while waiting.

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